Aquatic Therapy / Hydrotherapy

Momentum Health Solutions use pool based hydrotherapy exercises to utilise the heat, pressure and buoyancy of water for pain relief and alternative exercise.

Aquatic Therapy - Momentum Health Solutions

Warm water is excellent for promoting relaxation, reducing muscle tension and supporting the body to reduce load through the joints. Exercising in the pool is a great way to commence gentle range of movement and resistance exercise.

Hydrotherapy is ideal for initial rehabilitation of acute injuries, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, low impact cardiovascular training and when pain levels are a limitation to performance of land based exercise.

Our Aquatic Therapy based programs take place in a hydrotherapy pool which is heated to 33.5 to 34.5 degrees for maximum therapeutic benefit. There is a hydrotherapy pool located at our Leisurepark Balga Physiotherapy Clinic or alternatively we can set up a program at a pool close to you.